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The ShipCentre is Fedex Authorised ShipCentre where you can print your labels, drop off your package, book your shipment online, arrange a pickup if you are unable to drop off your parcels, please note drop off collection is available for non account holders only, if you hold account with fedex then contact fedex directly as we are a private company which is authorised by fedex to accept fedex account holders parcel at our premises, please note that we charge for our service in case you decide to drop off your parcel with labels or account number, our service charges cover the cost of holding and handling of your parcel at our premises.
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If you not wish to drop off your parcel you may either call fedex customer service or go to the nearest fedex depot where you won't pay any charges, but you will have to add cost of your travel time and effort you make which is why we are here to save you with all that hassle.

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